What is Destination Rescue?

Destination Rescue is a program in which people work with rescue animals, and interact with them through ordinary grooming and handling exercises, followed by any of a variety of Animal Assisted Therapy experiences, including visualization and meditation.

What do participants get from Destination Rescue?

The objective of Destination Rescue is to bring people into The Circle of Giving. The Circle begins when people come, and are of service to these needy animals. The group is then expertly guided into experiences of feeling more relaxed, confident, and connected to the world around them. The Circle completes as participants return the healing that they have received from these Rescue animals, helping them to heal even more.

I have a Rescue near me! Can you come help?

Yes, I have very reasonable consulting packages for onsite classes and program implentations.

I have a Rescue near me! Do I have to have you come help?

No! If there are motivated folks at your local rescue, then it is totally possible to get it going without a physical visit from us!

How much does it cost to get the program going?

ABSOUTELY NOTHING! It just takes time, and some dedicated individuals to get a few other folks involved.

Visit our flagship site in Eagle, CO at Mountain Valley Horse Rescue! See and experience the original success story in action for yourself! Half-day to week long experiences available!

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