Healing with Animals – Saunderstown, RI

Come meet Equulinguistics Equine Assisted Therapy Founder and Spiritual Counselor Alecz Adams and learn about Animal Assisted Therapy, Altered States, and Energy, as they apply to Rescue – of both our human souls, and the Spirit of the Horse.

“Working with animals in a healing context is therapy that so many people have available to them, of which they often aren’t even aware,” stated Adams. “The more we can take advantage of all of the ways in which we can help ourselves to feel better, the happier we can become, and the more enjoyable we can make the lives of those around us.”

This class also holds the exceptional opportunity to participate in a Guided Meditation, which is a type of Altered State Work in which the group will embark on a healing journey with one of Horse Play’s own Rescue Horses, in which both the horse and the human participants will reap the benefits.

Destination Rescue is a program structured to exist within Horse Rescues every where, offering a means by which each Rescue can uniquely give back to its own local community, thus becoming able to establish – & increase – its financial stability.

The class will be held at Horse Play – 143 Gilbert Stuart Road, Saunderstown, RI. The cost of the class is $25, including lunch. Remember to wear outdoor clothing.To register for the class, please contact Deidre Sharp at (401)294-3565 or 864-2943.