What We Do

Destination Rescue exists to assist rescues of all kinds to be able to implement programs which integrate each rescue into its own community, and become financially more stable.

How We Help

Rescue Funding Aid

“Be of Service” – Find something at which your rescue can or already does excel. This might be something like: handling, helping, or even painting pictures of the animals. Or it might even be volunteer groups that come out solely to do labor at the rescue site. Just about anything can morph into a program that can benefit the community.

Present yourself into the community as “Of Service”. There is no need to ask for a free lunch when it can be so easy to provide services that earn money, and help not only the people in the community, but also the animals at the rescue!

Getting Started

First, make a Plan of Action! Know what you offer, and know how you are going to tell people what you offer

Go to your current benefactors, community schools and clubs, local merchants, wellness centers and therapy offices.

  • Have handouts describing what you offer, who you can help, and what sponsorship levels are.
  • Act “Of Service”. Remember, you have a service. You are not asking for handouts, you are trying to help. Do not be discouraged, just keep smiling.
  • Know that you will be reaching into the community not only for sponsorship, but also for those who will receive the help that you will offer.


  • We have paperwork, handouts, applications, model letters, scripts, schedules, itineraries and all sorts of tools to help YOUR RESCUE SUCCEED!!!
  • We can also help you reach into the community for suitable facilitators, if your current volunteer pool does not already have interested individuals. Just contact us!
  • We can help you Build a Program at your Rescue. Recommendations, consultations, and implementations are all available. Just ask us how!