Why Animal Assisted Therapy

As human beings, our normal way of thinking and interacting with the people around us is with our feet on the ground.  Most of the time, we are not in physical contact with another person or an animal – it’s just us.

When we change that, by touching an animal, or even another person, we change the way that we think, just a little bit. And sometimes, that little change can be enough to help a person change in larger ways… Like feeling happier, more confident, and being able to let go of bad habits.

In Equulinguistics Equine Assisted Therapy, we use these little changes in the ways that we think, to create more comfortable ways of living life. Our goal is to bring about positive changes that are reflected in daily experiences. Developing or finding a similar program to help suit the needs of your rescue is simple – just contact us, and we’ll help start you on your way!

The objective of Destination Rescue is to bring people into The Circle of Giving. The Circle begins when people come, and are of service to these needy creatures. The group is then expertly guided into experiences of feeling more relaxed, confident, and connected to the world around them. The Circle completes as participants return the healing that they have received from these Rescue animals, helping the animals to heal even more.

kids groom

A program at your rescue might look something like this:

Participants begin by learning about the way Animal Rescues work, what their purpose is, and current facts about unwanted animals in the US.

Next, everyone begins the mundane tasks that are needed every day – which can include cleaning the animals’ living quarters, feeding the rescue animals, moving feed or equipment around, or other maintenance at the Rescue. All activities at the Rescue are supervised and instructed as applicable.

After that, we share the stories of the individual rescues, then an appropriate number of animals will be selected, and participants will groom the animals, and may even learn beginning elements of Animal Massage.

Following that, the group will take one rescue horse, and be guided through a series of techniques for building confidence and relaxation, focusing on the rescues, guided by a trained expert all along the way.

At the end of the day, participants are invited to share their experiences with the group, and spend a little more unstructured time with the rescue animals.